Kendrick Lamar Pays Homage to 2Pac with $600K Chain

During his “Pop Out” show, Kendrick Lamar dressed in Tupac Shakur-inspired clothes. Fans were ecstatic when Lamar finished the homage with a stunning, huge diamond adornment.

Jeweler Ben Baller told TMZ Hip Hop that Lamar demanded a king’s cross, which he gave. Baller, who was friends with Tupac Shakur, considered the collaboration particularly apt, even though he was unaware of Lamar’s Tupac Shakur-inspired subject.

Lamar defended Shakur’s reputation against Drake’s AI-assisted diss hit by singing “Not Like Us” five times at his event.

He was wearing a $600K diamond crucifix with 73 carats of VVS quality diamonds set in 18k white gold.

Lamar also dazzled as he performed alongside Dr. Dre, wearing $750K in bling, including a $150K 42-carat diamond Cuban chain.

Despite the upcoming 2024 Rap War, Jeweler Baller maintains a “California Love” attitude. He has chosen to remain impartial due to his friendship with Drake, resulting in his absence from the Inglewood event.

Lamar’s influence is self-sustaining.

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