Kanye West Files Lawsuit Against Australia’s College Dropout Burgers



Australia’s College Dropout Burgers faced the legal wrath of Kanye West, who filed a lawsuit against the burger shop.

According to multiple reports, Kanye West pursued legal action over the burger shop’s name and menu. Earlier this year, the restaurant received a cease and desist that led to its owner removing a ‘Ye-inspired logo and menu items referencing the controversial rapper/producer.

The burger shop maintained the College Dropout name despite it being the title of Kanye West’s debut album. Owner Mark Elkhouri said he kept the name because he’s a college dropout.

“College Dropout Burgers has respectfully removed all references to Ye, establishing a new direction, theme and brand identity,” Mark Elkhouri told 3AW in Australia. “I can’t understand what would motivate a major artist to sue a small humble burger restaurant on the other side of the world.”

Kanye West’s lawyers claim College Dropout Burgers still references ‘Ye in multiple ways. Although the restaurant got rid of a Dropout Bear logo, lawyers insist there are still items on the menu linked to ‘Ye.

Attorneys are seeking a permanent injunction against Mark Elkhouri. Lawyers also asked the College Dropout Burgers owner to withdraw a trademark application and get rid of any materials referencing Kanye West.


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