Kanye West Essentials Playlist Disappears From Apple Music

Kanye West breaks down in tears


Apple Music appears to have joined the growing list of companies distancing themselves from Kanye West in the face of his anti-Semitic remarks.


It appears streaming giant, Apple Music, has pulled Kanye West Essentials playlist after the rapper made offensive comments online and again in interviews.


A search for the rapper’s playlist shows “Item not available”.


Fans pointed this out online and believe Apple has quietly pulled Kanye’s playlist.




However, Apple Music has not commented on it.


Earlier this week, Daniel Ek, CEO at Spotify, Apple Music’s rival, addressed the hip-hop star and his “awful” comments for an interview with Reuters.

Ek, however, noted that his music did not violate the Spotify’s anti-hate policies and that the ball was in the court of Ye’s label, Universal Music Group’s Def Jam, to pull his catalog if they chose to.

“It’s really just his music, and his music doesn’t violate our policy,” Ek told Reuters, noting, “It’s up to his label, if they want to take action or not.”

Ek went on to explain that Ye’s anti-Semitic comments would have been yanked from Spotify if they had made in a podcast or recording, per their hate speech policy, but that wasn’t the case.

A spokesperson for UMG has since clarified that “Def Jam’s relationship with Ye as a recording artist, Def Jam’s partnership with the GOOD Music label venture and Ye’s merchandise agreement with Bravado all ended in 2021.”

The Ye exodus is now in full flight.

WME chief Ari Emanuel directly called on West’s corporate partners, particularly Spotify and Apple Music, to stop collaborating with him.

Since then, talent agency CAA dropped him as a client, MRC Entertainment shelved a completed documentary on the hip-hop icon and Balenciaga, GAP and Vogue cut all ties with him.

Earlier in the week, Ye lost his biggest corporate backer, the sportswear giant Adidas, with which he had a multi-year partnership for its line of Yeezy products, valued at $1.5 billion.

“Adidas does not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech,” the company said in a statement Tuesday. “Ye’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful and dangerous, and they violate the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness.”

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