Kanye West Calls Howard Stern An Irrelevant ‘Sad Old Man’ Whose Own Family Doesn’t Say His Name



Kanye West had some unpleasant words for Howard Stern after the radio personality compared him to Adolf Hitler for his recent anti-Semitic rants.


Kanye West, 45, appeared on the Lex Fridman Podcast in a segment posted Monday, October 24, where he talked about the recent controversies surrounding him.


At one point during the segment, he took jabs at Howard Stern, saying: “What’s the version of the apology, other than kissing Howard Stern’s dick? That’s the whole point, Howard Stern, nobody wants to kiss your ass, so shut up!”


West said he was once a fan of Stern, but now feels his time is up.


West said: “By the way, Howard Stern annoys you, I used to be a fan of yours; now you just do clickbait like everyone else, now you’re just a sad old man Howard.


“Now, Howard Stern, this is the first time in years someone has said your name—your family won’t say your name unless they call to get their bills paid.”


Kanye also said of Stern, “I think he’s just jealous – not just jealous of my dick, he’s jealous that I started my campaign before him. You have to let go of that jealousy, Howard.”


West spoke out days after Stern said that the ordeal surrounding West was “depressing,” saying that West “used to be fun crazy,” and “now he’s like Hitler.”


Watch Kanye speak in the video below;


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