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Juno Opens as Black Wall Street’s First Black-owned Medical Facility After 50 Years

Juno opens as Black Wall Street’s first Black-owned medical facility

Juno Medical Clinic has opened its doors on Black Wall Street in an effort to increase access to healthcare for one of the country’s most underprivileged communities.

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The opening ceremony takes place 102 years after the Tulsa Race Massacre, which was approved by the city, set Greenwood on fire, and more than 50 years after the city’s urban renewal project bulldozed through the area again.

Juno Medical’s 3,800-square-foot facility, located at 21 North Greenwood Suite A, is only a few steps away from Dr. Andrew Chesteen Jackson’s medical institution, which operated on Black Wall Street over 102 years ago.

Dr. A.C. Jackson was a nationally famous surgeon and infectious disease specialist who treated people of all races. On May 31, 1921, however, he was tragically shot dead at close range by members of the city-authorized White mob.

Dr. Jabraan Pasha, a Tulsa native, was appointed to lead the Juno chapter in Tulsa. For years, he has traveled the country providing information about health inequities and the steps that may be taken to address them in order to raise community awareness about the severe racial health disparities that Black Americans face.

In an interview with The Black Wall Street Times, he said, “There was just something that was missing, and it was literally being in the community that I was trying to help.”

He also stated that in September, he received an email from Dr. Akili Hinson, the founder of Juno Medical. After some deliberation, he was named the firm’s vice president of health equity and the medical director of the Tulsa facility.

According to Dr. Pasha, the goal is to make the globe a healthier place. “In ten years, we’ll be a different size company, and we’ll have the ability to literally create a healthier country, a healthier world.”

According to Tulsa city figures, those living in the primarily Black North Tulsa had a life expectancy difference of more than ten years compared to people residing in the predominantly White South Tulsa.

Juno is an African-American-owned healthcare firm with offices in Harlem, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Atlanta.

Juno Medical, Tulsa, according to Dr. Pasha, is built for the modern working family, with convenience and excellence at the forefront of its concerns.

Juno Medical’s mission is to assist people from all walks of life in the Tulsa metro region, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, s**ual orientation, or gender identity.

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