Judge Judy Accuses Prince Harry Of Being Selfish And Spoilt Over Bombshell Claims In His Memoir



Judge Judy, an American court show arbitrator, has accused Prince Harry of being “selfish” and “spoilt” over his bombshell claims against his royal family in his new memoir, “Spare.”


Appearing on “Good Morning Britain” on Tuesday, January 10, said she would be hurt if it was her child that was making the claim.


Judge Judy said;


“I will tell you that I would be furious, and would think that that child or that grandchild was a selfish, spoiled, ungrateful one.

“That’s what I would feel, and be really hurt.

“I think anybody – anybody with a brain – would see that it’s disingenuous. It’s biting the hand that fed you, it’s unseemly.”




The Duke of Sussex’s highly anticipated memoir officially hit US bookshelves on Tuesday, January 10. It has been met with plenty of mixed reviews from celebrities and fans alike.


In the controversial memoir, Harry, 38, makes several shocking accusations against his family.


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