Jonathan Majors Awaits Sentencing as Appeal Against Conviction is Denied by Judge

Jonathan Majors is due to be sentenced on April 8 after a court refused his petition to overturn his assault and harassment conviction and acquit him, according to Deadline. In December, the former Marvel star was convicted guilty of abusing his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

Majors, 34, was detained in New York last March when Jabbari, a British choreographer, accused him of assaulting and wounding her. But Majors has maintained his innocence.

The six-person jury’s decision was revealed following three days of deliberation and a 10-day trial. Majors was convicted of one crime of assault and one count of harassment, but acquitted of a second count of assault and one count of aggravated harassment.

According to CNN, the Creed III star’s lawyer filed a motion in February to have Judge Michael Gaffey overturn the sentence. However, in a separate document, prosecutors urged the judge to dismiss the motion.

In a statement, Majors’ attorney, Priya Chaudhry, stated that the actor “feels disappointed by the outcome of the motion, yet he upholds respect for the process.”

“He continues to draw strength from his friends, fans, family, and pets, while channeling his art and creativity. As he excitedly awaits the conclusion of this chapter, he looks forward to devoting his full time and focus to his family and his art,” the statement continued.

Prosecutors say Majors and Jabbari were in a car in New York when she noticed a text message from another lady on his phone that read: “Wish I was kissing you right now.”

Prosecutors claim that when Jabbari seized the phone, Majors grabbed her, twisted her arm behind her back, and punched her in the head to get it back. Jabbari told the court that the attack resulted in a fractured finger, a cut behind her ear, and bruises.

Although Majors faces a misdemeanor charge and a possible one-year jail sentence, the consequences of his guilty conviction have already affected him outside of the courtroom. The guilty verdict led to his dismissal from his Marvel role as Kang the Conqueror.



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