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Jeremy Clarkson Breaks Silence Over Criticism He Received For Saying He Wishes Meghan Markle Is Paraded Without Clothes

Jeremy Clarkson and meghan


Jeremy Clarkson has received heat again over his response to the backlash surrounding his controversial column on Meghan Markle.


The TV host was called out by many people, including his daughter, for saying he hates Meghan Markle so much that it keeps him up at night. He added that he wishes she would be paraded naked on the streets while excrement is thrown at her.




Clarkson’s article was so vile that even UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak weighed in on the drama.


After he was criticized for his column, Clarkson took to Twitter to issue a statement that looks nothing like an apology.



Clarkson wrote on Monday, Dec 19, 2022: “Oh dear. I’ve rather put my foot in it. In a column I wrote about Meghan, I made a clumsy reference to a scene in Game of Thrones and this has gone down badly with a great many people. I’m horrified to have caused so much hurt and I shall be more careful in future.”




He did not say he was sorry and this angered people. Many pointed out that his response shows no remorse and they called it “pathetic”.






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