Japan’s Imperial Family Debuts on Instagram to Engage with Younger Generations

On Monday, Japan’s imperial family made its Instagram debut with a series of postings aimed at engaging younger audiences.

Checks revealed that the new and verified account (kunaicho_jp) had attracted over 360,000 followers within hours after its introduction.

The Imperial Household Agency, the government agency in charge of the family’s affairs, stated that the social media profile was developed to give the public a better knowledge of the royals’ responsibilities.

Instagram was reportedly picked due to its popularity among young people.

The palace agency shared images and videos from Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako’s recent public visits.

The first photo revealed showed the imperial couple seated on a sofa with their 22-year-old daughter Princess Aiko, all smiling as they celebrated New Year’s Day.

Other duties included the royal couple’s interactions with foreign dignitaries, such as Brunei Crown Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah and his wife.

A video of Naruhito addressing well-wishers on his 64th birthday, February 23, has received over 33,000 likes.

So far, the photographs only show the family’s formal obligations and do not feature any intimate or personal moments.

The account doesn’t follow other users and has disabled comments on all of its posts.

The Japanese imperial family makes its social media debut 15 years after the British royal family joined X, now known as Twitter, in 2009.

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