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James Harden Shocked He Sold Out 10,000 Bottles of His Wine in Seconds in China

NBA star James Harden is reeling from the shock of his branded wine selling out during a Chinese live stream event. The event, hosted by Crazy Brother Yang, demonstrated the power of live broadcasting in China, a country obsessed with basketball.

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Harden, a guard with the Philadelphia 76ers, took part in the live stream, which had roughly 15 million spectators, and advertised his J-Harden brand wine. Yang inquired about Harden’s typical daily sales, and the NBA player stated that he only sells a few cases every store.

Yang challenged Harden to watch the speed of sales during the live stream. Harden agreed and stood by while Yang began the sale. Yang suspended the offer after receiving 5,000 orders at $60 for two bottles in just 14 seconds. According to CNN, this lightning-fast sale garnered an astonishing $300,000 in revenue.Harden voiced his surprise at the swift sales while looking at a computer monitor, followed by laughs and clapping.

In China, live stream shopping has exploded, transforming into a multibillion-dollar industry. According to CNN, this strategy blends entertainment and e-commerce, with broadcasters presenting viewers with real-time flash offers and discount coupons. Audiences can buy products from the streamers right away and send virtual “gifts” to their favorite celebs.

Harden’s live stream received a lot of attention on Chinese social media, prompting supporters to joke that he could play basketball in China instead of the NBA to capitalize on his local fan base.

Basketball is extremely popular in China, owing partly to the NBA career of Chinese hero Yao Ming. The league’s considerable involvement in China includes building courts, hosting preseason games, and initially offering free television rights, resulting in a close relationship that has lasted several decades.

The NBA’s success among millions of Chinese fans leads to lucrative sponsorship deals for both the league and its great players. According to one observer, before to the pandemic, China provided at least 10% of the NBA’s overall revenue.

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