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Israeli Military Drops Thousands of Warning Leaflets in Gaza Telling People to Flee

The Israel Defense Forces, IDF, dropped leaflets over Beit Lahia in the Gaza Strip on Friday, Oct. 13, telling residents of the Hamas-controlled region to evacuate their houses immediately and seek cover.

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Approximately 6,000 bombs have been dropped on the Gaza Strip, which is home to 2.3 million inhabitants. There are 4,000 tonnes of explosives in total.

The leaflet, said to be dropped from planes, reads, “For your safety, you must leave your homes immediately and go to shelters.

“The IDF is not interested in harming you or your family members. Anyone who is near Hamas terrorists or terrorist targets will put their lives in danger.”


It adds: “Don’t return to your homes until further notice from the Israeli Defence Forces. Leave all public and known shelters in the city of Gaza.”

The warning continues, ” Do not approach from the security wall, and whoever does so is risking their lives.”


13 October 2023, Palestinian Territories, Gaza City: A leaflet lies on the ground dropped by Israeli army planes above Gaza City, asking them to flee to the south of the Strip immediately. Israel’s military on Friday ordered the evacuation of 1 million civilians from northern Gaza amid preparations for a threatened ground offensive aimed at crushing the Hamas militant group that rules the Palestinian territory. Photo by: Mohammed Talatene/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

This comes as Israel released harrowing images of babies murdered and then burned by the barbaric Hamas terrorists.


Watch the video below:


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