Interpol Arrest Wanted Mozambican Kidnap Kingpin In South Africa

Esmael Malude Ramos Nangy
Esmael Malude Ramos Nangy


A 50-year-old Mozambican suspected mastermind of a lucrative kidnapping ring for ransom has been arrested by Interpol in South Africa, the country’s police said Sunday.



Esmael Malude Ramos Nangy is suspected of organizing kidnappings for ransom in Mozambique, which can reach several million dollars in the country affected by the phenomenon for the past 20 years, which targets in particular businessmen and their families.


The man was arrested during a raid on Saturday evening “at an address in Centurion”, near the capital Pretoria, South African police said in a statement.

A firearm, cartridges, five cell phones, as well as several bank cards and Sim cards were seized.


Mozambique is asking for his extradition. Esmael Malude Ramos Nangy is to be presented to the court on Monday.


Abductions for financial gain have also exploded in recent years in neighbouring South Africa, already notorious for its high crime rate.



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