Inter-faith Ramadan Fast-breaking iftar Celebrates South Africa’s Diversity


People of all faiths prayed in the streets of the neighborhood before dining with Bo Kaap’s Muslim residents who are currently fasting during Ramadan.


The mayor of Cape Town stated that street iftars were essential in celebrating the city’s religious harmony and diversity.


“This is what makes Cape Town so special and beautiful and magnificent. Here we are just in the shadow of our beautiful mountain with all Capetonians from every community across the City, every religious background, Christians, Muslims, Jews coming together to celebrate this special time in the holy month of Ramadan together as Capetonians,” said Geordin Hill Lewis, the mayor of Cape Town.

Weather permitting, street or community mass iftars have become common across various communities in Cape Town, ensuring those fasting have a meal to break their fast with and welcoming neighbors and friends to partake in the fast-breaking dinner.


“As muslims in South Africa, a very minute minority forming just less than two percent of the population but we live in harmony side by side, with our Christian brothers and African religions. And this is why it’s important for us when we have such gatherings that we cast the net wide,” said Mandla Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, a member of the South African Parliament


Every Ramadhan, thousands gather for mass iftars, when roads are cordoned off and turned into enormous dinner tables.

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