Inside Simone Biles’ New Home She’s Building With Her Husband in Houston

Simone Biles, the celebrated gymnast, has shared a never-before-seen photo of her new home with partner Jonathan Owens, which is still under construction. The couple is now living in a $2 million home in Houston, Texas, and are in the midst of building a new home from the ground up in the same city.

Prior to their nuptials, Biles and Owens began work on their new house earlier this year. Despite their heavy professional obligations, they have actively participated in the construction of their new home. The structure and appearance of Biles and Owens’ new home have began to take shape after months of anticipation.

According to Sports Skeeda, Biles gave a unique view into her home via Instagram stories.She gave four anecdotes that highlighted distinct aspects of her property. The first post focused on the house’s façade, accentuating the newly laid tiles.

She told her fans, “Tiles are in!!!” to show her delight at the steady pace of work. She said in another Instagram photo that the frameworks for sliding doors had been placed. In the third storey, she displayed a beautiful view of a tranquil lake and lush green surroundings through one of her sliding doors.

She captioned a photo of a magnificent view “my favorite.” In her fourth Instagram story, she also posted an image of a wooden hallway, jokingly questioning if it’s the hallway of her dreams or one reminiscent of horrors, with a lighthearted “lmao” appended to her comment.

The acclaimed gymnast appears to have made a strong return to her peak performance after taking a hiatus from the sport to prioritize her mental well-being. She just accomplished the most difficult vault in women’s gymnastics, a Yurchenko double pike, at the world championships, becoming the first woman to do so successfully in a major international competition and sealing her place in gymnastics history.

According to USA Gymnastics, Biles now has the most combined world championship and Olympic medals. She presently has 37 medals in her collection.

Here are some pictures of the new house she is building with her husband:

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