Indian Man Weds His Baby Mamas At Same Ceremony

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A guy in a tribal hamlet in Hyderabad’s Bhadradri Kothagudem district has raised eyebrows after marrying two women in the same ceremony, which was attended by both brides’ families, according to the Times of India on Friday, March 10.

The bridegroom, Madivi Sathibabu of Erraboru village in Cherla mandal, married the two women, Sunitha and Swapna, amid shouts and catcalls.

Wedding invitations had been sent out months in advance, with the names of both brides and their parents included.

The wedding, however, was not without problems.

“Sathibabu’s first love, Swapna, objected to his move to marry another woman. The matter was resolved after he declared that he would marry both. Parents of the women too had no objection and decided to go ahead with the rituals,” a village elder said.

Sathibabu and Swapna were in love since their student days and a baby girl was born out of wedlock during a live-in relationship. Swapna was a resident of Doshapalli village in Cherla mandal. Sathibabu was simultaneously in a relationship with his relative, Sunitha, of Karnepalli village and the couple had a baby boy.

With two newborns from twin live-in relationships, Sathibabu was soon confronted with the question of marriage by families of both girls.

And Sathibabu offered an easy solution – he said he would marry both.

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