In 5 Months, Black TikTok Influencer Goes From Making $250 From Her First Brand Deal To Making Around $200K



Clarke Peoples, a Columbia University student, recently revealed how the social media behemoth changed her life for the better.

The content creator revealed in an as-told-to essay for Business Insider that she was initially working for a startup and interning for jewelry company David Yurman’s legal department while taking classes and studying. Her first viral TikTok, however, was only the beginning of what was to come.

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Peoples’ first day-in-the-life video was posted in May 2021, and many platform users were intrigued as to how she could afford her lavish lifestyle in New York City.

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She went on to secure her first brand deal for $250. Nearly a year later, Peoples currently works with the likes of JCPenney, Walmart, and DSW

Her decision to become a full-time influencer while also a full-time student is paying off. Peoples claims to have earned $200,000 in the last five months.

“Although this is my new life, it all still feels a little surreal,” Peoples told the outlet. “I don’t come from a wealthy family, so it’s still difficult for me to comprehend the financial freedom and comfort I now enjoy.”

Peoples credits her evolution as an influencer to signing with Digital Brand Architects, despite her initial apprehension about being managed by an agency.

“Having an agency behind me and having to sift through 20-page contracts has helped me tremendously as a creator,” she says.

Peoples worked hard before making six figures and attending Columbia, earning enough scholarships to attend the university. She is currently a senior majoring in American Studies. She hopes to graduate in May 2023 and then attend law school while creating content for TikTok.



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