I Went Through Extreme Body Modification to Look Like a ‘Black Alien’; Now Restaurants are Scared to Serve Me


Anthony Loffredo, often known as the “black alien,” has had his ears, nostrils, and even a few fingers removed, his teeth sharpened and colored purple, and his body covered in grotesque tattoos. Today, the Frenchman claims to have discovered one location where he cannot enter in peace, nypost revealed.

“If I want to eat at a restaurant, sometimes the server says I can’t eat on the terrace,” Loffredo, 33, recently told LAD Bible.

While some people change their body size or inject fillers into their faces, Loffredo’s body modification is out of this planet. He said that he was unhappy living in a body he didn’t belong in, and that he gained new self-confidence from people who apparently informed him that his appearance helps them “feel more secure” about themselves.



“It’s a fight every day, because every day you find new people who don’t understand, who want to judge. It’s life, not everyone understands everything. Like me, I don’t understand lots of things about lots of people,” he told the Club 113 podcast last year.

“You can’t judge someone. No one knows what’s inside someone’s head, why they’re doing that, you need to talk with this person,” continued Loffredo, who swears he’s just a “normal guy” with a family and friends.

The challenges haven’t stalled his passion for body modification — he claims he’s ready to take the leap with leg amputation.

“It’s something really hard because I have a healthy leg, and an amputation is something big,” he explained about the difficult surgery.

He earlier stated that he has been “interested about mutations and transformations” since “a very young age.” But it wasn’t until he was in his 20s that the unidentifiable tattoo aficionado decided to explore the seemingly strange body alterations.



“I love getting into the shoes of a scary character. I often settle down somewhere and play a role, especially at night in the dark streets,” he confessed in 2021. “I explore the contrast between the role I play and myself.”

Other people have tattooed their eyeballs, split their tongues, or gone under the knife for elf ears, so Loffredo isn’t alone in his extreme body modification.


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