‘I Got Heavily Tattooed in My Twenties, Now I’m 36 and Regret It’ – US Lady Complains


A 36 year old woman is urging young people to carefully consider tattoos, as she regrets the extensive body art she got in her twenties.

Sara, from Virginia, US, posted a series of TikTok videos about her full-body ink, warning others from taking the decision lightly.


In the clip, she shows off her two sleeve designs, along with a large neck and chest-piece and hand tattoos. Her tattoo pictures also show portraits, floral patterns and text on her upper thighs.


But Sara said she wished she’d waited before indelibly changing her body.

‘Imagine if you will, you put a shirt on once when you were in your twenties, and now you have to wear that for the rest of your life,’ she said.

‘And that is what it feels like to get heavily tattooed before you turn into a fully developed adult human.’


Sara continued;

‘I think if you asked almost anybody that’s over 30 if they have a better idea of who they are in their thirties than than they did in their twenties, they are going to be like “Oh my god, yes”.


‘I have all of these tattoos that don’t necessarily reflect who I am at 36.

‘They may have reflected a moment in time in my twenties, maybe a moment in time that I was like not doing so well mentally, and they are here forever.’


When she had the work done, Sara said her fashion sense was ‘more dark and spooky’, whereas now she is more of a ‘femme, girly’ look.

‘My aesthetic just does not match. No shade to the artist, I still get a ton of compliments on them – I just wish they weren’t on my body,’ she continued.

‘But I wanted to come on here and put myself out there and say that I was told that I would regret my tattoos when I got older.

‘I am older and I do regret my tattoos and you might too.’

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