How to Choose Online Casino if You’re a New Player

Are you eager to try your luck in an online casino but unsure how to learn the ins and outs of the games and rules? Worry not because it is a straightforward process. 

Statistics show that approximately 26% of the world’s population gambles, which is expected to increase by 6.51% in the next four years. Let us look at how you can choose an online casino.

Online Casino Overview

Technology has advanced. Gone are the days when you traveled miles to access a casino. Today, all you need is a gadget with access to the internet, and you’ll be good to go. This means that the casinos are available at any time of the day. 

There are many online casinos in the market. Some are there to scam newbies, so you must be extra vigilant. However, some are legitimate, like Betway, and you should be able to distinguish the fake from legitimate casinos.

What to Look out for in Online Casinos

Before you start wagering, especially for real money, examine following factors to determine if the casino is legitimate. 

Registration Certificate and License

The first thing you should look at as a newbie in an online casino is the license and registration certificate. If a casino is legitimate and has complied with the Gaming Control Board, it will have a license number and one of the following registration certificates:

  • The UK Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Curaçao eGaming licensing authority

So, before you start playing your Casino Games, ensure the site you intend to play at is licensed. 

Various Payment Options

A reputable and legitimate casino will have not one but many payment options. However, the payment options should be well-known and secure, and not some shady banks. Some secure payment options you should look out for include:

  • E-wallets
  • Card payments (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Prepaid cards
  • Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum and Bitcoin)
  • Bank transfers

The banking options should also be fast. Ideally, players should access their funds within 72 hours after withdrawing. Also, consider the transaction costs and choose the option with the lowest cost. Remember, your goal is to earn money, so cut transaction costs.


As a new player to online casinos, research the site first. For example, a quick online search on Betway will show you the various casino games offered by the platform and so much more. 

Another great way to learn more about a platform is by reading reviews from people who have experienced the services of that casino firsthand. Customers who are dissatisfied will air their frustration on the casino’s website. And if they are satisfied with their services, they will express the same. 

But you must be careful because some casinos display false reviews with the aim of defrauding innocent players. So practice extra caution and learn to differentiate between real and fake reviews.

Actieve Customer Support

It is crucial to sign up for casinos with active customer support. Once you raise a question or alarm, the issue should be addressed within the shortest time possible. The faster the response by customer service, the better the casino. 

Final Thoughts

Now you can see choosing an online casino is relatively easy for a rookie. The first thing is to know the difference between legitimate and casinos that are there to defraud innocent players. A reputable casino should have a license and registration certificate, various payment methods, good online reviews, and active customer support.

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