How This Single Mother Set Up a Company That Raised $40 Million to Support Black Startups


For many, juggling motherhood and company ownership has always been a difficult undertaking; for some working women, starting a family meant putting their enterprises or professions on hiatus. Despite this obstacle, Angela Benton, the founder of NewMe, started her company as a project and allowed it to grow naturally. The way Angela used her skills in the digital sphere to launch her own firm is an amazing aspect of her narrative.

When Angela entered the IT field while juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship, she had to deal with a white male-dominated sector that made it challenging for women of color to succeed. She was even more frustrated by the obstacles in her way of learning about black business owners and their triumphs.

She founded black web 2.0 in 2007, a website dedicated to highlighting African American entrepreneurs and the cutting-edge work they were doing in the computer industry. The black community, which yearned to be heard and let the world know what they were doing, quickly accepted this.

With NewMe, which she founded in 2011 to serve as a launching pad for minority entrepreneurs, Angela built on the success of Blackweb 2.0. According to Forbes, she raised over $40 million to help hundreds of black firms that were functioning in Silicon Valley.

She thinks that business owners are making progress and resolving important problems. She believes that, as a single mother, startups and her struggle to change occupations have some similarities.

Before starting her own business, Angela had a strong academic foundation. At InterContinental University, she pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications in 2004. Soon after receiving her degree, she started working for InterActiveCorp in a variety of capacities. Later, she transferred to and, where she obtained experience in the online industry.

She learned she had cancer in 2018, which altered her outlook on life and led her to sell NewMe to Hillman Accelerator’s parent company, LightHouse, and shift her attention to another project, Streamlytics. Angela launched the company with the hopes that it would have an impact on the future.

She desired to develop a platform that would offer the information the technology market required to make investment decisions and direct them as to where their money should be invested. She hopes that through sharing this knowledge, other businesspeople would be inspired to develop solutions to everyday problems that affect people’s lives.

Due to her major efforts, Angela has received praise from a number of illustrious media moguls. According to Capital Technology University, her work has been recognized by CNN in their documentary on Blacks in America, The New Promised Land: Silicon Valley, and in an editorial piece for the Wall Street Journal’s 125th Anniversary edition that focused on the Future of Entrepreneurship.

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