How Ethiopian Dawit Abraham is Transforming Africa’s Gaming Industry


With the development of outstanding African mobile games, Dawit Abraham, CEO and Co-Founder of Qene Technologies, the first gaming firm with headquarters in Ethiopia, has distinguished himself from rivals in the gaming market.

The African market can get in-game content thanks to his solutions for mobile and direct carrier billing. His games raised the bar for African video games on the global scene.

According to Billionaires Africa, Dawit’s impressive background in game development and Android application engineering, along with his contributions to ground-breaking initiatives like the OpenCog framework for artificial general intelligence, provide a solid basis for Qene Technologies.

According to African Leaders Magazine, the young entrepreneur sold his best-selling game, Gebeta, to Carry1st, a South African mobile gaming start-up run by businessman Cordel Robbin-Coker, earlier this year.

The best app of the year at the 2020 AppsAfrica Awards was Dawit’s award-winning mobile board game Gebeta, popularly known as Mancala.When it comes to making games with genuine African storylines, Qene Games has demonstrated passion and dedication.

The company has also produced other popular mobile games, such as Kinet, an innovative African platform for game monetization.

Dawit is also the lead Game Developer on the Kukulu project, a 3D infinite runner game for Android platforms, and is built using a Unity 3D Game Engine, according to Sessionize.

Kukulu is the first 3D mobile game to be released in Ethiopia at its scale.

The pioneering company believes that Africa has what it takes to compete with global software businesses and is looking to form strategic alliances with other African digital companies in the gaming sector.

He hopes that Qene Technology would soon rank among the most well-known gaming businesses not only in Africa but also globally.

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