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How Edward Pritchett Built a Multi-million Dollar Insurance Company After Losing His Job in 2008

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Edward Pritchett is the creator of The Pritchett Agency, a multi-million dollar insurance company, and a senior partner of Symmetry Financial Group since 2010. Pritchett began his career as a chemical engineer before becoming a big player in the insurance industry.

Following the global financial crisis in 2008, he lost his job and entered the financial services and insurance industry as a field agent with Liberty National Life. He used his engineering training in process management to quickly advance to the position of unit manager at the corporation.

Pritchett used his new insurance skills to establish The Pritchett Agency, which he named after himself. In October 2010, he also formed a partnership with Symmetry Financial Group/Quility Insurance Holdings.

He currently runs one of the largest production organizations and fastest-growing agencies within Symmetry Financial Group’s $300m a year insurance marketing organization

“I continue to expand on my capabilities in the insurance industry, helping my clients prepare for retirement with Privatized Banking, Indexed Universal Life, and Annuity based planning, working with business owners to bring greater protection to employees and association members with Group Benefit programs as well as helping business owners self-finance using the Cash Flow Insurance model,” he noted on his LinkedIn Profile.

“I love being able to educate people on the possibility of wealth-building using insurance as a part of their strategy. Outside the insurance industry, I am investing in various real estate projects where I can.”

Pritchett’s foray into the insurance market was not an instant success; according to Moguldom, his first two years were difficult. According to a Yale graduate, he only made $30,000 and put the majority of it back into his company. He eventually achieved success through hard work and dedication.

“It wasn’t going very well for me and so there were a lot of doubts,” Pritchett told fellow agents in a speech. “Here’s where clarity was able to come for me: I was able to find someone to speak life into me, someone who believed in me more than I believed in myself.”

Pritchett, who has a wife and four children, also touts how lucrative the insurance industry is, adding that growth in the sector has no limits.

“By building us all up we continue to grow this industry that really has no limits. There’s no end to what you can do in the insurance industry,” Pritchett said. “There’s so much blue ocean. … In the life industry of the United States in 2020, they had their first trillion-dollar year of premium from consumers to carriers and guess who has to get in the way of that.”

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