How Didintle Moreki Turned a Persistent Acne Problem into a Successful Skincare Business

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Moreki’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiring and laudable tale of a thriving business that arose from her painful experience with a facial problem. Overcoming years of self-doubt, she created effective organic skincare products that resolved her persistent acne problem.

Didintle struggled with acne throughout her adolescence, which defied the available skincare products on the market. She decided to try organic alternatives at the age of 18 after considering the potential side effects of the products she had been using on her skin.

“After years of trying what the market offered, at the age of 18, I decided that I might as well try an organic alternative. Unfortunately at that time, the market could not offer this, as a result, I decided to opt for what I ate. This revelation simply came out of my need to say, ‘beauty should not be harmful or toxic, as long as I can eat it, I can use it on my skin.’ Years later, the vision became clearer.”

Acne affects many people during their adolescence and, in some cases, throughout their lives. Finding an effective and long-term solution can be difficult. Didintle struggled with low self-confidence and an unsettled mind as a result of her acne problems, which motivated her to seek an effective alternative that could boost the confidence of her fellow African women.

Her low self-esteem and emotional trauma were exacerbated as a result of numerous suggestions on how to treat her acne surge.

“Nobody knows you, but everyone feels the right to talk to you about your situation,” she said, recalling a time when someone advised her to use toothpaste and lemon juice as a remedy.

The organic ingredients she used were extracts from Botswana’s widely available Mowana, Morula, and Moringa plants. Mowana contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which are used to treat acne. Because it is high in antioxidants and widely used as an ingredient in skincare products, marula is frequently used as a moisturizer. It helps to reduce acne-related hyperpigmentation.

Her grandmother introduced her to the benefits of Moringa oil one day during her school break, which later improved her skin condition.

She vividly remembered her grandmother and mother caring for the plants in the family compound and using them for various family needs because of the plants’ values and benefits. This enabled her to investigate the benefits of the plants, which led to the establishment of a beauty care company – Organic Naturals Skincare, a Botswana-based company that manufactures skin care products using Sub-Saharan African plants.

“I was intrigued by why Moringa was in every single home, especially in my village, Kanye. When we were young, if you had back pain or period pains, we would drink these [Moringa] leaves in tea. According to my grandmother, Moringa oil and Morula were used to moisturize and keep one’s skin fair and even.” Didintle said.

“I came to understand that I had low self-confidence due to this skin acne. As a result, I know that whatever I was formulating had to boost the confidence of the African woman and empower her to be confident in her skin.”

Didintle began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of ten, when she helped her parents sell watermelon, maize, poultry birds, and other products from their family farm in Kanye, her village. Kanye is a village in Botswana’s southeast region, 83 kilometers from the capital, Gaborone. She honed her business skills over the years, which enabled her to successfully launch Organic Naturals Skincare in 2019.

Her company faced numerous challenges. “The first step was to find a distribution partner, demonstrate the legitimacy of what we’re doing, raise funds for testing, and, most importantly, ensure the long-term viability of our products on the shelves.” So entering retail was not easy; we needed to build a strong distribution network.”

Building a team was also a challenge for her. “Our core team is made of three women who had the honor of being mothers during their teenage years. Their ability to rise and ‘become’ has been a story and a reminder to us that ‘Becoming is a journey.’ These ladies, with the assistance of our in-house scientists and farmers, assist us to serve and package Africanism as a skincare range.”

Her supply chain opened opportunities and financial empowerment for the local farmers in Maun – the fifth-largest town in Botswana.

“Our key suppliers are female farmers who hold vast knowledge of plants and how best to extract active ingredients.”

The plants are harvested and processed into chemical-free oils. “Our formulations are creatively crafted by us with distinct understanding and deep thought, as compared to laboratory-bought formulations.”

The uniqueness of Organic Naturals Skincare stems from the desire to create a solution for African women, with 60% of zero cancerogenic raw materials harvested in Botswana.

Organic Naturals Skincare products are available in over 11 stores across Botswana and include 15 products for men and women, including facial bar soaps, moisturizers, alcohol-free toners, facial masks, body butter & oil, and facial serum. The company provides skincare consultations and free skin assessments.

Her goal is to create a Botswana-made skincare brand that serves both the local and international markets. She wants to empower African women and men by creating effective skincare products that are tailored to African skin and contain no harmful chemicals.


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