How Caribbean Family Uses Meals And Games To Promote Black History And Culture In UK

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Justina and Max Lambert, a Caribbean couple, were unambiguous about their passion. What they weren’t sure about was how to publicize it. They couldn’t contain their burning desire to promote black excellence, so they decided that bringing people together for delicious meals would be a good way to accomplish their goal.

According to Kent Live, Max’s Caribbean Kitchen became the public sphere for rallying people and having conversations about Black history and culture. In addition to providing space and meals, the couple created a sensory gift box and board games to promote Black culture.

The board game focuses on themes that have sparked discussions about Black culture, diversity, and inclusion. Even those who are not Black can appreciate the games’ depictions of racial discrimination and social injustice.


According to Justina, the games have helped them sell their message about Black history and diversity in Dartford. She stated that they made the board game lively and engaging in order to dispel existing prejudices about Black culture. She explained that the board game’s goal is to promote inclusion, so it has been simplified for everyone to enjoy.

It’s not surprising, she says, that people who are unfamiliar with Black culture want to understand their cause. She explained that some people have no idea what the Black community has gone through to get to where they are.

“The gift box is jam-packed with African and Caribbean-style foods. Some of the things you will see in the pack are plantain chips. It’s a fruit which is popular among the African and Caribbean areas and can be cooked in many different ways. We also have chin chin, another African snack which is popular in the party scenes, Jamaican ginger cakes and Supermalt. We also immerse you in shea butter and incense sticks,” said Justin.

The sensory gift box and board games were created by the couple, who have five children, during the 2020 lockdown, when they were forced to close their restaurant. During the lockdown, they were inspired to create the gift box and board game while playing online quizzes and games with friends and family.

Aside from this venture, the couple is involved in community leadership and runs the Dartford African Caribbean Community, which they describe as a support group for Black and mixed-race people navigating their way through life in Dartford.

Justina now wants to do more diversity training, and she wants to start at the school level by educating children. “No one is born racist. We are not born prejudiced. It’s learned behavior. “And a lot of that taught behavior comes from the playground, and that’s because of what happens at home,” she explained to Kent Live. “So, for me, if we can get in there early, we can at least try to show them an understanding of what’s right and wrong. Maybe they can use that in the future.”




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