How Career Growth Strategist Helped Black Women Increase Their Salaries by $1.9 Million



Days like “National Black Women’s Equal Pay Day” on September 21 and “Black Women’s Day” on March 1 aren’t based on theory. The days were created because Black women have been underpaid and unrecognized for the genius they bring to the workplace and the world for far too long. Fortunately enough, Isi Aladejobi gets it and has made it her mission to help Black women to secure the bag and then some.

Isi is no stranger to feeling the pressure of being stuck in the corporate rat race. When she decided to leave her teaching job in 2014, she turned to her passion for helping ensure other Black women didn’t have to struggle to get paid and progress. Through her group coaching program “Fulfilled,” Isi coaches rising women of color to land their dream job, get paid their actual value, and open their minds to the possibility of living a fulfilled life personally and professionally.

“As a woman of African descent, a wife, and a mother, I know what it feels like to be burnt out in the workplace and not to be privy to information that could help me grow professionally just because of my skin color,” says Isi. “My focus with Fulfilled is ensuring other Black women know their worth and demand value in their careers.”

According to research by the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2020, Black women were paid 58% of what White men were paid. Since the start of the pandemic, Isi and her team have been supporting women in such a way that they have been able to account for a 1.9 million dollar increase in salaries and benefits, according to the numbers presented by clients. Isi recognizes Black women’s power in corporate America and believes that with the proper guidance and support, even the earlier professionals can negotiate their way to a higher salary. Her coaching program, Fulfilled is the foundation for it all.

Fulfilled is a transformative group career coaching program for Black professional women & women of color who are ready to uncover their life’s purpose, secure an income-exploding position, skyrocket their confidence, and unlock a prosperous life. According to Isi, Fulfilled is the launching pad for women who put faith in their finances using a holistic approach.

“Higher salaries and lucrative benefits can lead to a more fulfilled life because women no longer have to rob Peter to pay Paul. They can focus on what matters most: taking care of themselves and their families without fear of struggling financially.”

To date, Isi has helped over 300 women increase their salaries by 300% and trained over 7,000 women in multiple career and life growth areas.

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