How Rich Homie Quan Made Over $1 Million Recently With No Music Check Involved



Rich Homie Quan sued his label Think It’s A Game Entertainment and its CEO in 2015 for $2 million in unpaid royalties.

According to him, the CEO used his funds to purchase an Atlanta estate for $159,500 and pocketed $550,000 from a distribution deal with Def Jam for “Type of Way,” according to TMZ. Despite the fact that Think It’s A Game Entertainment requested a ‘out of court’ settlement, the two parties parted ways.

Quan has forged his own path over the years, and he is now a CEO and real estate investor. Rich Homie Entertainment is the record label he founded. He founded the label with industry veteran Troy Carter and Venice Music.

“For my last 10 years in the game, I have learned independence is the lane for me,” Quan said in a statement in August 2022, according to Vice. “I am blessed to meet Troy and his team and I’ve been impressed with their work to help RHQ Ent excel.” The Atlanta native added, “I am grateful to God for this alignment. I look forward to working with Venice and my managers at Stronger Together for many years to come.”

Quan also signed a new co-management deal with Stronger Together that year, as he made plans to return to the music scene.

Quan told Trapital’s Dan Runcie that his experience as a real estate investor has been a great success for him. According to him, he made over a million dollars from rental properties, selling his first home, and flipping properties.

“I think last year I made a million plus on real estate and not a music check involved,” he disclosed in an interview with Trapital last month.

Quan said his next move is to introduce the younger generation into real estate. “Less jewelry, less flashy — and get the things that really matter. We gon’ screen the block. Let’s go buy a couple of properties on the block. So, now we have a reason to rep the block.”

Speaking of his rise from an artist to a music CEO, he told Trapital that he is not going to stop writing music as it is a passion. “Ten years from now, I’ll be four, I won’t be focusing on Quan the artist,” he said. “But as far as Quan the CEO coin, [I] may start writing more because I just love music that much. And I still can’t see myself not creating.”



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