How 19-Year-Old Andy Burton Turned His Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce Into A 6-Figure Business

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Andy Burton, at the age of 19, has grown his company into a six-figure enterprise. It all started, he says, when he got the confidence to trust in himself.

“Since I was a kid, my mom has always told me I have an entrepreneur mindset,” Burton said. “It started when I was five and began selling cookies to my family and friends. A couple years later, I started a snow shoveling business with my older brother to make some extra income.”



Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that Burton had a business perspective by the time he became CEO of the Andy Factory and debuted his distinctive Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce in 2019.


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“I began to brainstorm how I could make more profit and finally decided I would bottle the Mambo Sauce recipe I created,” said Burton. “The reactions I would receive for years from my family and friends who all told me they loved it really gave me the courage to turn this into a full business.”

Within three weeks, the first 500 bottles of Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce were sold thanks to word of mouth from Burton’s relatives and friends.

The Power Of Genuine Support

“The people in our community would tell their friends to check our product out and would always bring an extra person when we were hosting a pop-up shop,” Burton explained. “The support we received from family and friends definitely played a big role in our success.”


Now, according to Burton, the business has reached $100,000 in sales.

“My overall goal is to bring the creation that Washington, D.C. birthed to the hands [and mouths] of the nation. I want our sauce to be the product people think of when they want great sauces to cook with and jazz up their dinner,” the 19-year-old concluded. “I also plan to expand the Andy Factory with more sauces in the future.”



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