High School Senior Accepted to 125 Colleges and Offered Over $9 Million in Scholarships

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According to WWL-TV, a New Orleans high school senior has defied expectations by obtaining more than $9 million in scholarship offers from 125 schools and universities. Dennis Barnes, a senior at the International High School of New Orleans, applied to around 200 schools and universities and was accepted by 125.

Barnes’ mailbox was stuffed with rejection letters and scholarship offers. He stated that he filed his college applications in August with the intention of raising the bar for college admissions. Barnes has set a goal of receiving $10 million in scholarship offers before the end of the month.

Normadie Cormier of Lafayette, Louisiana, set the Guinness record in 2019 with $8.7 million in scholarship offers. Barnes has broken this record, and he attributes his accomplishments to hard work, devotion, and tenacity.

Barnes, who has a 4.98 overall GPA, plans to pursue a dual undergraduate degree in computer science and criminal justice. He intends to make his college pick on May 2.

Dennis Barnes’ accomplishment demonstrates the value of hard effort and determination in obtaining academic success. His experience serves as an example to countless students across the country who are pursuing higher education.

Dennis Barnes’ tremendous achievement deserves to be recognized, and we wish him the best in his future pursuits.

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