Here’s How Deion Sanders and His Colorado Team Brought $17M to Boulder’s Economy in a Single Weekend

Deion Sanders signed a four-year, $1.2 million contract with Jackson State University in 2020 and went on to develop a championship-winning team. According to his contract, he earned $300,000 each year on average.

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Sanders, affectionately known as Coach Prime, now coaches at the University of Colorado, where he is credited with developing a winning football team.

His success at Colorado is not confined to the field, but also to his extracurricular pursuits. His economic influence demonstrates his work ethic. According to Forbes, his performance at the university has contributed $17 million to the city of Boulder’s economy with each sold-out home game, using Visit Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau projections.

The Colorado Buffaloes attracted a sold-out crowd of 53,241 supporters to their home opener versus the rival Nebraska Cornhuskers, according to the Daily Mail. Aside from winning 36-14, Colorado had its greatest football audience in 15 years.

Indeed, the Buffaloes have sold out all home games for the 2023 season, marking the first time in program history that a season has been sold out. Aside from selling out their home opener against Nebraska and last weekend’s victory over Colorado State, forthcoming games against USC, Stanford, and Oregon State have also been sold out. This is largely due to Sanders’ efforts to rebuild a program that has not won more than five games since 2016.

According to Forbes, his presence is fueling commerce, from tickets to hotel rooms, and from celebrities to restaurants and merchandise.

“With Coach Prime, the Colorado Buffaloes aren’t just a football team; they mean something far more now. They symbolize something more than a geography or institution. They are now embodying everything Coach Prime himself stands for. Or, better said, they now symbolize what Coach Prime ‘stands in’ for: confidence,” Forbes reported.

According to the platform, everything he associates himself with is a success, including the sunglasses he gave to his teammates.

Sanders was described as the most famous college coach ever by USA Today in a magazine. According to the platform, his celebrity exists on a different level because he has been a part of mainstream popular culture for 35 years in ways that have permeated beyond his career as a pro athlete. In the early 1990s, he appeared in advertisements for Pizza Hut, Pepsi, and Nike. He’s also performed in rap music videos and hosted a Miss USA pageant.

Overall, USA Today attributed his success to his ability to retain cultural ubiquity, stating that the coach has divulged nothing about himself other than what is required to feed the Prime character.

Sanders was a multisport star in high school before obtaining a scholarship to Florida State University, where he played football, baseball, and track and field. He was thought to be the only individual to have appeared in both a Super Bowl and a World Series.

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