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Here’s How 50 Cent Reportedly Made $100M in the Sale of Vitaminwater to Coca-Cola

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Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent in the entertainment industry, is a New York City-based African-American rapper, actor, producer, and entrepreneur.

He began rapping and released a few tracks, including “How To Rob,” which drew the attention of the late DMX, Jay-Z, and others. Previously, the legendary Jam Master Jay taught him how to write songs and produce choruses.

In 2003, he launched his debut album, “Get Rich or Die Trying,” which rocketed him to the top of the Billboard charts. He sold a million albums in the first four days of its debut and has subsequently launched other albums and collaborations.

While constructing an empire behind the microphone, the rapper has turned his attention to businesses and has been quite active in the business sector. His interest in the water company Vitaminwater, a sweet, colorful water drink with additional vitamins, was one of his biggest investments.

The investment dates back to 2004, when Glacéau gave the rapper a stake in VitaminWater, which resulted in 50 Cent’s endorsement in a variety of advertisements and promotional videos for the company. Later, he created his own VitaminWater flavor.

When 50 Cent bought a stake in the corporation, it was a relatively obscure brand. However, thanks to the rapper’s assistance, the company’s sales reportedly increased from $100 million to $700 million in three years.

In 2007, Glacéau was sold to Coca-Cola, causing the artist to make millions out of the deal.

“People were talking about how much money I made, but I was focused on the fact that $4.1 billion was made. I think I can do a bigger deal in the future,” 50 Cent told Zack O’Malley Greenburg in 2008.

According to multiple reports, the “P.I.M.P” rapper pocked $100 million from the sale of the brand to the beverage giant. In his hit track, ‘I Get Money’, 50 Cent rapped about the deal, saying: “I took quarter water sold it in bottles for 2 bucks, Coca-Cola came and bought it for billions, what the f**k?”

According to How Africa, the musician has a net worth of $30 million, but at his peak, he was worth $100 million. In addition, he has earned a total of $260 million through his many ventures over the course of his career.

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