Here Are 6 Highest-Paid Black Entertainers With Combined Earnings Of $1.1 billion


In recent years, numerous entertainment celebrities have made millions of dollars from exclusive deals, collaborations, and corporate empires in everything from music to movies and television series. Some of the highest-paid actors and songwriters earned money from acting fees, royalties, and the outright sale of the masters and publishing rights to some or all of their recorded music and songwriting.

For nearly $500 million, Bruce Springsteen sold the master and publication rights to all of his works, including 11 multi-platinum albums and five gold singles. Peter Jackson, the Lord of the Rings filmmaker, received $600 million in cash after selling a portion of his visual-effects company for $1.6 billion. Recently, big streaming companies spent over $3.7 billion to acquire the rights to various TV shows.

Aside from music, acting, and TV series, Shawn Carter (Jay-Z), Dwayne Johnson, and Kanye West all generated money in other ways. Shawn Carter recently sold LVMH a 50% stake in his Armand de Brignac Champagne brand for approximately $315 million. Kanye West has been among the entertainment industry’s billionaires since 2020, thanks to his partnership with Adidas, which accounts for his $1.5 billion net worth.

However, he lost his billionaire status in 2022 when he severed connections with Adidas and lost the majority of his wealth. Yet, prior to the divorce in October 2022, Kanye earned millions of dollars, keeping him on the most recent list of the highest-paid performers. Dwayne Johnson made millions from his tequila business as well.

Only six African-Americans made Forbes’ list of the 25 highest-paid performers in 2022, with a combined earnings of $1.1 billion in the previous year. Consider the following entertainers:

Shawn Carter

Earned: $340m

Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, made $340 million from his premium drink companies Armand de Brignac Champagne and D’usse Cognac without releasing an album or going on a music tour. Jay-economic Z’s empire includes Roc Nation, Marcy Venture Partners, art collections, real estate, and other high-priced assets.


Dwayne Johnson

Earned: $270m

Dwayne Johnson, commonly known as The Rock, is the highest-paid actor in the world, earning more than $20 million per film. Aside from performing, he makes money via his Under Armour Project Rock and a variety of small-screen shows, including ‘The Titan Games’ and ‘Young Rock.’


Kanye West


Earned: $235m

Due to his anti-Semitic remarks, the music superstar and designer, who just changed his name to ‘Ye,’ recently lost his multi-year deal with Adidas worth at $1.5 to 2 billion. He has severed connections with other companies including as Gap, CAA, and Balenciaga. His current assets include real estate, the value of his music collection, a share in Kim Kardashian West’s shapewear line ‘Skims,’ and cash in his bank.


Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry

Earned: $165m

The director, actor, producer, and writer is well known for his ‘Madea’ franchise and is one of the entertainment industry’s few millionaires. Perry began his career in live theater in the 1990s before moving on to cinema and television. Tyler Perry Studios was founded by him.


Sean Love Combs

Earned: $90m

Sean Combs, often known as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or Diddy, makes money through his collaboration with Diageo’s Ciroc Vodka. He also makes a lot of money from his music collection and beverages, such as DeLen tequila and Aquahydrate alkaline water.


Shonda Rhimes

Earned: $81m

In 2017, the American showrunner, screenwriter, and author made history by signing a $100 million deal with Netflix, making her one of the first showrunners to sign an exclusive show deal with the streaming company. She previously signed a four-year (since expired) contract with ABC worth $10 million each year. She created and executive produced numerous television shows, including Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Shondaland, an American television production and storytelling firm, is founded and owned by her.


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