Head-On Train Crash Kills Two In Chile

A freight train slammed head-on with a locomotive carrying out test runs on the outskirts of the Chilean capital Thursday, killing two persons and injuring nine, according to police.

According to the state railway corporation EFE, four Chinese citizens were hurt while testing the train’s speed.

The driver of the freight train and his assistance were murdered.

Two people were killed and several injured following the head-on collision between a goods train and a test train on the outskirts of Chile’s capital. (Photo by Javier TORRES / AFP)

“We regret to report the death of two workers on the freight train,” EFE said in a statement.

The trains collided in the suburb of San Bernardo, on the outskirts of Santiago.

Prosecutor Pedro Aravena said that “for reasons that are unknown” the test train was not aware the freight train was heading north in its direction.

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