Harrison Floyd: The Only Trump Ally Jailed in Georgia Election Case Granted Bond

Harrison Floyd, the former leader of the Black Voices for Trump group and a former Trump loyalist, was granted a $100,000 bond after spending five days in jail on suspicions of illegally interfering in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

Floyd, a former Marine and martial arts instructor, was the last of the 19 suspects arrested in Georgia’s 2020 election fraud case to be granted bond, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. After turning himself in, he was first denied bond.

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee signed the bond order on Tuesday. Floyd was arrested without an attorney, despite the fact that Trump and the other defendants had prearranged bail when they turned themselves in. He was then detained and booked, just like any other defendant charged with a crime. Floyd’s bond request was also denied by the judge due to allegations he faces in Maryland for striking an FBI agent.

Floyd’s attorney, Chris Kachouroff, said the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office contacted him on Tuesday to arrange the bond. He also claimed that Floyd was granted release because the prosecutor did not like the “optics” of his client’s ongoing detention.

“She was just letting him rot in there,” Chris Kachouroff said. “I told Harrison ‘this is ridiculous. She should have jumped in there and done the right thing.’”

But a spokesperson for Willis, Jeff DiSantis, denied Kachouroff’s claims. “Mr. Floyd has had the opportunity to work out a consent bond in the same manner as the other defendants named in the indictment, but chose not to do so until today,” DiSantis said.

Floyd, along with Trump and 17 of the former president’s associates, were accused on racketeering charges on August 14 for allegedly attempting to reverse the outcome of Georgia’s 2020 election after Trump lost to Joe Biden.

Floyd is charged with five felonies for allegedly harassing county elections worker Ruby Freeman, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Authorities believe that Floyd, together with co-defendants Stephen Lee and Trevian Kutti, conspired to coerce Freeman into falsely admitting to being involved in election fraud at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. During the 2020 election, votes were tallied at the location.

Meanwhile, more than $275,000 has been raised for Floyd through an online fundraiser. His supporters have also labeled him as a “political prisoner.”


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