Grimes Changes Name of Her and Elon Musk’s Daughter from Exa Dark Sideræl to a Question

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Grimes has announced that she has altered the name of her daughter with tech billionaire Elon Musk to a question mark.

The 35-year-old singer stated on Twitter that her youngest child is now known as Y, Why, or?


The Genesis vocalist, whose true name is Claire, revealed that the name of 15-month-old Daughter Dark Siderael has been shortened.


“She’s Y now, or “Why?” or just “?” (But the government won’t recognize that). curiosity, the eternal question, .. and such,” Grimes wrote on Twitter.


On Sunday, March 26, Grimes shared a rare snapshot of the infant in a red onesie with green hair alongside an image of herself in a matching outfit.

She stated that while she and Musk do not generally share photographs of their kid in order to safeguard her privacy, she released this shot because the infant was “pretty unrecognizable” in it.


Grimes mistakenly revealed the couple’s daughter was born via surrogate in December 2021 in a Vanity Fair profile after the reporter heard the baby’s screams in the background.


The on-again, off-again couple was rumoured to have broken up in September 2021, and Grimes revealed in March 2022 that they had broken up again.


Grimes and Musk are no strangers to controversy over their children’s names. Their first son, born in 2020, was initially named X Æ A-12, but this was later tweaked to X Æ A-Xii. California law forbids the use of numbers in a legal name.


The child goes by the nickname X.

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