Greece protests as the odds of Discovering Survivors of Shipwrecks wanes

Greece has seen protests following the sinking of a boat carrying migrants and refugees that claimed the lives of at least 78 people.

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More than 100 people were saved from a sinking boat off the coast of Pylos, but hundreds of other people are still missing, and there is little prospect for their recovery.

On Thursday, thousands of people protested in towns all around Greece against the way the government handled the tragedy and the EU’s immigration policies.

The failure of the Greek government to act to save the migrants and refugees was criticized.

The trawler was being escorted by a coastguard vessel for hours, and it was there when it sank.

The travelers allegedly repeatedly turned down aid and insisted on traveling to Italy, according to Greek officials. They claimed that up until just before it sank, the vessel seemed to be sailing normally and had turned down numerous rescue attempts.

Alarm Phone, a self-run hotline for migrants and refugees in trouble in the Mediterranean Sea, however, claimed to have received multiple distress calls from the ship at the same time.

Alexis Tsipras, the head of the main opposition Syriza party, spoke with Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, on Thursday about the tragic catastrophe.

After visiting the survivors in Kalamata, Tsipras stated, “This incident demonstrates in the clearest way the failure of the EU to promote a structured refugee migration policy that puts human life as the first priority.”

The probe will be overseen by a deputy prosecutor from the Supreme Criminal Court, according to Greek Supreme Court Prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos.

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