Grave Robbers in Mozambique Steal Deceased Albino’s Body Parts After Grave Was Reinforced

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Grave robbers in Mozambique were not deterred by a reinforced grave from destroying the grave of a dead albino man and stealing his body parts. According to the BBC, the incident occurred in a village in the Tete province of the southeastern African nation.


The albino who died was around 50 years old. His family decided to reinforce the grave because they expected such an incident to occur, but police said the suspects have yet to be apprehended.


As previously reported by HowAfrica, albinos are thought to have magical powers by some Africans, particularly in the continent’s central, eastern, and southern regions. Body parts of albinos are sought after by killers who are directed by spiritualists to either consume or conceal them.


Whoever does this is said to have their material or spiritual desires fulfilled. Various measures, including transnational efforts, have failed to solve the problem for decades.


Remane Madane, an albino rights activist, condemned the recent grave robbery. Madane also stated that police had assured her that they would make every effort to apprehend the suspects.


“The cemetery is isolated. To get there it is a long distance, to go alone you have to think twice, otherwise maybe a team [was involved],” he said.

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