Google Introduces 4 Fresh Travel Aids for Planning Summer Getaways

Several Google platforms are providing useful improvements that will make it easier to compare travel options and plan future travels. Specifically, Search, Maps, and Shopping feature enhanced travel tools. Here’s more information on how each platform has altered.

1. Generative AI In Search

In summer 2023, Google Search introduced generative AI to deliver tailored travel advice. Since then, its research capacities have advanced. Capabilities include travel reviews, photographs, and recommendations for over 200 million destinations.

This search experience recommends follow-up questions and allows users to type in inquiries and receive responses in seconds. It offers response snippets and links to additional resources from topic experts.

To receive these extra details, participate in Search Labs and enable Search Generative Experience (SGE). After enabling this function, locate the “generate” button on the search engine.

2. Recommendation Lists In Maps

In select places, Google Maps now offers customizable recommendations when searching for a location. Curated collections can help first-time and return visitors identify the best restaurants, popular activities, and current events.

The suggestion lists feature three alternative listing modes:

  • Trending List: Updates weekly with places that see a notable uptick in popularity on Maps.
  • Top List: Places that Maps users consistently love and provide positive ratings for.
  • Gems List: Overlooked locations and secret spots with high ratings that are less visible than popular restaurants, stores, and attractions.

It’s also possible to make and distribute custom lists. Furthermore, the Google AI algorithms summarize photographs and evaluations given by previous visitors to speed up the research process.

3. Translate On-Screen Text

Since January 2024, select Android smartphones have supported the Circle to Search feature. It lets users to choose text on the screen by long-pressing the navigation bar or the home button. This tool allows you to learn more about a certain snippet by circling, highlighting, doodling, and tapping without having to switch apps.

This function will soon be able to translate content, including PDFs of restaurant menus and social media posts.

4. Personalized Travel Wardrobes

Most homes may be unaware that Google Shopping contains over 45 billion product items, including travel goods. When you pick the “style recommendations” label, the Shopping Graph now gives individualized style recommendations.

Other options include user reviews, discounted merchants, color, brand, and specific design characteristics. It’s now easier to mark off items on a packing list for journeys in any season and destination.

The recommendations for travel-friendly apparel, luggage, and accessories become increasingly specific as you assess alternatives with a thumbs up or thumbs down. If it is not a good moment to buy, the shopping platform retains your preferences so you can find the best matches in future searches.

Finally, these new features allow you to effortlessly create personalized itineraries using Google’s various travel and shopping tools. The additional benefits are in addition to previous travel bookings, and include price protection coverage for qualified flights and AI-powered trip planning tools.

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