Girl, 18, Who Transitioned to Boy and De-transitioned Back to Girl is Suing Her Doctors, Hospital for ‘Misleading’ Her

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18-year-old, Kayla Lovdahl who at her young age transitioned to a boy, and de-transitioned back to being a girl is now taking the doctors and hospitals that allegedly rushed her through gender treatment to court.

According to her lawsuit filed in California State Court last week, Kayla, born a girl decided she was ‘a boy’ at age 11 after learning about the transgender community online.


By 12, she was allegedly prescribed puberty blockers and testosterone by doctors who failed to provide sufficient psychological screening and who told her parents: “It’s better to have a live son than a dead daughter.”


At 13, Kayla had her healthy breasts removed in a double mastectomy to masculinize her chest according to her lawsuit.


But by 17, she realized it was all a mistake and that the professionals around her had failed to protect her seeing that she was a kid.


“The hardest part was being sold something that I believed was going to help me and make me feel better, only to do it and come out on the other side not feeling any better,” Kayla said in a YouTube interview. “I could always have waited, but I can’t undo it.”


Kayla, who hails from California, is suing Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and four individual doctors, seeking unspecified damages for causing “deep physical and emotional wounds and severe regret.”



“They essentially handed Kayla the prescription pad and allowed her naive, emotional, childish rollercoaster of feelings to dictate the so-called ‘treatment’ that she would receive,” the lawsuit alleges.

Kayla’s attorney Mark E. Trammell of the Center for American Liberty told The NYPost that the hospital and doctors “breached the standard of care that they should be held to as medical professionals” by allowing her to transition so quickly.

‘This case is about a team of doctors who decided to perform a damaging, imitation sex change experiment on [Lovdahl], then a twelve-year-old vulnerable girl struggling with complex mental health co-morbidities,’ the 35-page filing reads.


‘[Lovdahl] needed care, attention, and psychotherapy,’ it continues of the NorCal medical officials supposed mishandling of the situation. ‘Not cross-sex hormones and mutilating surgery.’

Forced to undergo psychotherapy sessions to undo the mental damage wrought by the procedure, Lovdahl and her lawyers write their prognosis was premature – and gave the then-impressionable preteen the ‘erroneous belief’ she was transgender.

To come to that conclusion, the suit states, clinical psychologist Watson – who also serves as the clinical director of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals’ ‘Transgender Clinic’ at the Oakland Medical Center – held a single, 75-minute transition evaluation.


In a statement, a representative for Kaiser Permanente told The Post: “When adolescent patients, with parental consent, seek gender-affirming care, the patient’s care team carefully evaluates their treatment options and then a multidisciplinary team of physicians and other experienced professionals are available to provide the patient and their family with information, counseling, and other support.

“Care decisions always rest with the patient and their parents or guardians and, in every case, we respect the right of patients and their families to make informed decisions about their personal health.”


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