Georgia Woman Deliberately Plows Car into Restaurant After Biscuits were Mistakenly Left Out of Her Order

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According to Georgia authorities, a 50-year-old lady purposefully crashed her car into a Popeyes restaurant after biscuits were erroneously left out of her order. According to Fox News, the suspect, Belinda H. Miller, is charged with first-degree criminal property damage and aggravated assault.


According to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, they responded to the area after being told of a collision with injuries. Officers were informed by the restaurant’s manager. Miller plowed her car into the facility’s entryway after becoming enraged when biscuits were left out of her order.


The manager stated that the error had been corrected and that Miller had gotten the biscuits prior to the event. However, the manager claimed that Miller made threats to the staff before to the crash, and that she also called the business and threatened to plow her car into the eatery.


Once the suspect drove her vehicle inside the restaurant, an 18-year-old employee was nearly hit. According to the arrest warrants, Miller did not stop driving after purposefully crashing her car into the structure. According to Fox News, her automobile was eventually stopped by debris.


In the aftermath of the incident, Miller drove away from the scene. Her wrecked automobile was later found at her house. The suspect was arrested on Wednesday, but it was unclear whether she was able to pay the $4,000 price for her release.


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