Gay American Travel vlogger Reacts After Being Accused Of Staining Nairobi Rental Apartment With His Poop



Popular gay American Youtuber and travel vlogger, Julian Albino has reacted to being called out by a property manager in Nairobi, Kenya, who accused him of destroying items and staining a rental apartment with his poop.


The rental manager had claimed that the American YouTuber left the rental apartment in a mess having soiled 16 bedsheets, two pillowcases, four towels and one duvet with human faeces.

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It was also alleged that he didn’t pay the $600/Ksh73,380 bill that he accrued from his stay. The rental manager wrote;


The person who appears above is Julian Albino. He/she has been in an apartment I manage for over a month and left yesterday night without notice and with an uncleared bill of 600USD. To add insult to an injury, he broke a dinning table, soiled 16 bedsheets, 2 pillow cases, 4 towels and 1 duvet cover, all with his poop. It was really a disgusting sight.


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The manager asked anyone with information about Albino’s whereabouts to contact them immediately, noting that the American YouTuber was still in the country judging by his social media posts.


He added;


He has since gone ahead and blocked me everywhere, but it still seems that he has not left Nairobi. (According to his latest Instagram post). So I’m requesting if anyone has come into contact with him or know where he’s currently staying, please call me ASAP. If you’re hosting him, make sure you have access to your house after every 2 days so you don’t fall victim.





Julian Albino responded to the accusations levelled against him in a post on social media. The American YouTuber claimed he was being harassed without disclosing any more details.







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