G7 Condemns Iran Attack On Israel, Calls For Restraint

On Sunday, G7 leaders condemned Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel and urged all sides to exercise “restraint”.

Following video conversations, European Council President Charles Michel stated on X, formerly Twitter, that “we unanimously condemned Iran’s unprecedented attack against Israel”. “We will continue to strive towards de-escalation. Ending the crisis in Gaza as soon as possible, particularly with an early ceasefire, will have an impact.”

The leaders expressed their entire support for Israel, stating that they were willing to “take further measures” in response to “further destabilizing initiatives.”

“We will continue to work to keep the situation stable and prevent further escalation.” In this spirit, we urge that Iran and its proxies stop their attacks, and we are prepared to take more steps now and in reaction to future destabilizing attempts,” they said in a statement issued by the Italian G7 leadership following a video meeting.

Meanwhile, world leaders urged caution after Iran launched an unprecedented volley of missiles and attack drones against its arch rival Israel overnight, at a time when the Gaza conflict has heightened Middle Eastern tensions.

Iran launched the attack, its first to directly target Israeli territory, in response for a deadly air strike blamed by Israel that damaged its consulate in Syria’s capital earlier this month.

Israel and its allies intercepted the great bulk of the incoming rockets, according to the Israeli army, injuring 12 people and killing none, but the attack heightened worries of an Israeli counterstrike.

Israel’s main ally, the United States, likewise urged caution and calm.

“We don’t want to see this escalate,” White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told NBC News. “We’re not looking for a wider war with Iran.”

President Joe Biden reaffirmed the United States’ “ironclad” commitment for Israel while also appearing to steer its partner away from a military response to Iran, their common opponent.

According to Axios, Biden instructed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “take the win” and that Washington would oppose any Israeli reprisal.

Before Tehran attacked, Israel’s military warned Iran that it would face the “consequences of choosing to escalate the situation any further”.

Netanyahu met with his war cabinet on Sunday, which was formed in response to the Gaza crisis initiated by Hamas’ October 7 onslaught.

Air raid sirens wailed all night, and Israelis took refuge in bunkers and shelters while missile defense systems and fighter jets intercepted drones and missiles in the night sky.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warned Israel on Sunday against “reckless” reprisal, saying that it would result in “a decisive and much stronger response”.

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