From Visa on Arrival to Free Transit Visas: 7 Latest Travel Updates

More nations are reducing visa requirements for some country’s passport holders, from visa on arrival to free transit visas. The UAE is expanding its visa rules, and visitors to Vietnam can now obtain e-visas with longer validity. Here’s a rundown of everything fresh and important in the visa sector in the recent four months:

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1. US Visa Fees Hike

Visiting the United States is now slightly more expensive. The country has raised the cost of visas for business, tourism, and other types of travel. Business and tourist (B1 and B2 categories) visitor visas; non-petition-based NIVs have increased from $160 to $185 since June 17.


2. Vietnam E-Visa Extension

Vietnam will be more accessible for a longer period of time. The country’s National Assembly has authorized extending the validity of tourist e-visas from 30 to 90 days. This reform will allow foreigners to visit Vietnam an unlimited number of times within a three-month period, rather than just once.

3. Russia E-visa

Visitors to Russia can now obtain an e-visa. Applications can be submitted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website up to 40 days before departure, and the visa is valid for 60 days. The visa does not require any paperwork specifying the purpose of travel (such as invitation letters or hotel reservations) and allows visitors to enter the nation for tourism and commercial purposes, as well as to participate in scientific, cultural, socio-political, economic, and sporting events.


4. EgyptAir Transit Visa

Passengers flying with EgyptAir, the country’s main carrier, can now receive a free transit visa. The visa allows you to stay in Egypt for up to 96 hours and is available upon arrival at Cairo International Airport’s EgyptAir Transit Office.


5. Saudi Arabia E-Visa

Visitors entering Saudi Arabia with a valid US, UK, or Schengen visa can now apply for a quick e-visa. Such visa holders could previously only receive a visa on arrival. To use this service, travelers must have used their existing visa at least once and show an entry stamp from the issuing nation.


6. UAE Visa Extension

Visitors on a visit visa who want to visit friends or family in the UAE can now extend their visas for another 30 days. While still in the UAE, the candidate can apply through the UAEICP app. The charge for the extension is 750Dh for 30-, 60-, and 90-day visas.


7. Indoniesia Visa-Free Travel Ban

Indonesia recently made its visa-free travel policy official. The restriction, which began as a temporary measure during the pandemic, has now been made permanent. Since the emergence of Covid, there has been no visa-free access, but Indians can continue to visit with a visa on arrival.



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