Former NFL Star Terrell Owens Shares Downfall Despite $80M Earnings

Terrell Owens, a former NFL player, is ranked as the sixth greatest wide receiver of all time. He had 1,078 receptions for 15,934 yards and 153 touchdowns. Despite his excellent record in the league, he never won a Super Bowl with the Niners. Nonetheless, he was inducted into the 2018 Football Hall of Fame class.

According to Spotrac, he earned approximately $80 million during his playing career.However, the Hall of Famer lost a substantial amount of money due to poor financial decisions and a suicide attempt.

According to CNBC Make It, he lost millions due to the real estate meltdown, embezzlement by a buddy, and questionable investments made by his financial advisor, which cost him $6.5 million.

In an interview with GQ, Owens discussed some of his disastrous financial decisions. He said that some of his judgments were based on his trust in others to invest and manage his money.

“I hate myself for letting this happen,” he told the fashion magazine. “I believed they had my back when they said, ‘You take care of the football, and we’ll handle the rest.'” And in the end, they simply stole from me.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as a result of his poor financial decisions, his fortune decreased from $80 million to $500,000.

In 2017, he spoke at the Collision Conference in New Orleans about how he overcame financial obstacles to become self-sufficient.

“I have to go do my due diligence,” Owens remarked when asked what he had learnt about business success. “When I wasn’t as knowledgeable, when I put a lot of trust in the people that I hired, those are the ones that burned me, when I wasn’t really 100 percent in.”

“I allowed them to take control of the wheel,” he went on to say. “Now I’m in the [driver’s] seat with them,” said the former NLF player, who launched a clothing business called Prototype81.

He also founded Eighty-One Vino, a collaboration with Lasorda Family Wines.

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