Florida Mother Stabbed 100 Times When Her Body Was Found in Apartment Fire – Report

Authorities in Florida have charged a man with the alleged murder of his children’s mother. According to FOX 35 Orlando, a recently published arrest document revealed that 30-year-old Den’Jah Moore had been stabbed about 100 times when officials discovered her death on November 21 after her residence was purposely set on fire.

According to the complaint, Moore was lifeless and had many knife wounds when firefighters arrived at the house and discovered her in the master bedroom. The person was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering major burn injuries.

There were three other youngsters in the house when it was set on fire, in addition to Moore. The minors, aged 4,5 and 10 months, were eventually removed from the family. However, the 10-month-old infant died, and the two other youngsters were believed to be in severe condition after being transferred to local hospitals.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young reportedly stated that the children’s injuries were the “result of being left to die in a fully engulfed fire,” adding that they were not stabbed or physically abused, according to FOX 35 Orlando. At least two of the children taken from the burned-out house were shared by the deceased victim and the suspect, Charles Ivy.

According to the report, firefighters in the flat observed the four burners in the kitchen had been turned on, as well as enormous amounts of burnt paper, after the incident. A state fire marshal investigator also determined that the fire was started intentionally.

According to the complaint, Ivy, 34, informed Ormond Beach Police Department detectives that he was at Moore’s house the night the fire erupted. According to the affidavit, authorities believe Ivy was at the victim’s home at the time of the murders and arson.

Ivy has since been charged with first-degree murder on two charges, attempted felony murder on two counts, and arson. In addition, he is being held without bond. Although no motive for the incident could be determined, Young stated that the case is “domestic in nature.”

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