Father-Son-Led Black-Owned Title Insurance Firm Closes More Than $2 Billion In Transactions



Meet Osei and Nadir Rubie, father and son. They are the minds behind National Standard Abstract (NSA), a full-service title insurance agency specializing in residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Osei, a thirteen-year veteran of the title insurance industry, founded NSA and positioned it to become the leading provider of title insurance. His son, Nadir, joined the family business in 2017 and is now a Partner in the firm.

In its first year of operation, the firm recorded transactions ranging from $24 million to $43 million. Since then, its portfolio has expanded rapidly. According to Shoppe Black, the leading black-owned title insurance company recently closed over $2 billion in transactions. According to the platform, they expect to close more than $300 million in individual commercial transactions this year.

“With 1 million ways to fail, we came up with 2 billion reasons to succeed as Black entrepreneurs,” said Osei, President and Founder of National Standard Abstract. “In the last eight years, we have developed a blueprint to close the opportunity gap and build generational wealth within the communities we reflect and serve.”

Osei and his son have amassed a multibillion-dollar portfolio in New York City through commercial and residential transactions involving faith-based and market-rate developments. According to Shoppe Black, they have not only modernized the title insurance process for projects of any size, but they have also modernized the public-private partnership process.

“This $2 billion milestone is significant because it illustrates the correlation between representation, investment in marginalized communities, and their long-term impact on thousands seeking jobs or homes for their families,” Nadir Rubie was quoted by Shoppe Black. “I am proud of what we have accomplished by being true to ourselves since day one. We value every client and partner because relationships matter; that is the core principle of our business.”

With the establishment of the Osei Rubie Charitable Fund, philanthropy is also at the heart of the National Standard Abstract. The Charitable Fund’s mission is to aid in the abolition of racial inequality while also supporting community-based organizations.

According to Shoppe Black, a portion of every closed transaction is donated to a charity fund that is used to empower Blacks through education, entrepreneurship, youth programming, sports, and community development.

The fund awarded $100,000 to fifteen organizations that promote black culture, excellence, and generational wealth in its first year of operation.


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