Expectant Alabama Couple Found Dead After Disappearing on Valentine’s Day

The family of an Alabama couple who were slain on Valentine’s Day is seeking information to aid the investigation.

According to AL.com, Liyah Webster (20) and Chris Norris (20) were excited for their Disney-themed gender reveal party on April 6. On February 16, they were found shot and killed in their car in Wylam, Birmingham.

Webster and Norris were last spotted on Valentine’s Day, reportedly going to the theater for a movie date. Sherita Clark, Norris’ cousin, said they got concerned after the victims’ moms’ attempts to contact them on February 15 were unsuccessful.

“Normally they’d check in throughout the day,” Clark went on to say. “There’s not a day that goes by that they’re not communicating with someone in their family.”

After being unable to contact them, the family became concerned. “It had been a full 24 hours, and no one had seen or heard from them,” Clark explained. “You get a little concerned when you don’t talk to them for one day but when it hits two days and no one has heard from them, that becomes a problem.”

On the night of February 15, the family reported their missing to Birmingham Police. The search for the couple led the family to the dealership where Norris bought his white Ford Taurus, according to AL.com. After pinging the vehicle, they were eventually able to pinpoint its whereabouts. The couple’s bodies were later discovered in their car in Wylam.

“We need people to come forward and tell what they know,” Clark added, referring to their murders. “Everyone knows what’s going on. I also have a few tips.”

Clark was unable to determine the motive for the murder of her cousin and his pregnant fiancée. “I don’t believe there is any justification for killing someone, no matter what the circumstances are,” Clark added.

“I don’t think the families would care why this happened,” she explained. “I just think they want the person taken off the streets before it happens again.”



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