Expect Prince Harry to Face More Booing Upon UK Return, Public Sentiment Unchanged

Prince Harry can expect to be “booed again” when he visits the United Kingdom next week, according to the late Princess Diana’s personal butler.

The Duke of Sussex will return to London on May 8 for the first time since visiting his estranged father, King Charles, following his cancer diagnosis in February.

Harry will travel to his home country for the first time since his sister-in-law Kate Middleton was diagnosed with cancer in March.

According to Paul Burrell, who worked for Diana for over 10 years until her tragic death in 1997, the public’s attitude has not moved in favor of Harry, who retired from royal life in 2020.

“He is returning to St. Paul’s Cathedral, where he was last booed,” Burrell said in an interview. “The public is still in the same frame of mind he may well get booed again.”

“They don’t have a place or a purpose here, after all, Harry is now a resident of the US, so he is almost American,” he went on to say.

According to Burrell, the British people is “unhappy with how things have turned out.”

“I’m sure the king and queen aren’t either,” he said. “William has put a line in the sand; there is no possibility of Harry reconciling with his brother.

“There is a chance and the door is still open with his father and I’m sure there will be a meeting, but Camilla won’t be there because I don’t think there is any love lost between Camilla and Harry.”

Harry will remain in a hotel during his brief visit to London, as he was not granted a royal house. His estranged family members do not plan to see him.

The father of two has previously slept in a hotel on a quick trip to the city, such as in February.

Charles is “too busy” to meet with his youngest kid, taking him “one step closer to isolation,” according to Burrell.

“I think they are just letting him get on with it now, I don’t think they are too happy about it but Harry is taking another step closer all the time to isolation,” he stated in reference to Slingo.

“Harry has pressed the self-destruct button and is doing what he thinks is right, and I believe he will come unstuck. I don’t think all of their ideas will succeed; I believe there is a timetable for his demise.

None of this would have happened and there wouldn’t be this mess if Diana was still here because she would have cleared it up, but there is no one to do it, so it will continue because no one is brave enough to stick their neck out and no one is strong enough for Harry to listen to,” Burrell added.

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