Ex-Cop Derek Chauvin Sued for $9M for Allegedly Using George Floyd Move on a Woman

Derek Chauvin, the disgraced police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd, is now facing a new lawsuit from a lady who claims he used excessive force on her during a January 2020 incident.


Patricia “Patty” Dawn Welch Day claims that Chauvin and Ellen Jensen, a Minneapolis police officer, roughly grabbed her from her vehicle and threw her to the ground. She claimed this caused her to shatter a tooth, hurt her arm and shoulder, and endure additional injuries before being detained.



She also said that Chauvin pressed his knee into her back while she was handcuffed, comparing it to what “he would later do to snuff the life out of George Floyd.” She said Jensen failed to interfere during Chauvin’s use of force.


Patricia also said that when she went after the Minneapolis Police Department, alleging there was body cam evidence to back up her claims, they disregarded her, allowing the cops to operate unchecked.


She is now suing Chauvin and Jensen, as well as the MPD, for $9 million in compensatory damages and an undetermined sum in punitive penalties.


Chauvin is currently serving more than 22 years in jail following a 2021 conviction for second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. That same year, Chauvin accepted a plea deal on a related federal charge of violating GF’s civil rights and was sentenced to additional 21 years in jail. The sentences are continuing concurrently.



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