Engineer Jesce Horton Speaks On Leaving His Lucrative Job At Siemens For Cannabis



Lowd, a cannabis business situated in Portland, Oregon, was founded by Jesce Horton. He was an engineer for Siemens before making the switch to the cannabis industry, but his love of gardening overcame his desire to stay in that line of work.

According to Business Insider, his company specializes in the cultivation and selling of cannabis in Oregon, and his product line includes both conventional, more widely available cannabis strains and cutting-edge crossbreeds.

One of his strains took up the Oregon Dope Cup trophy for best medical hybrid in 2016.

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Horton entered the crowded Oregon cannabis market by providing consumers with affordable yet high-quality grades. As a result, he was given an 11-month contract covering 40 dispensaries throughout Oregon through the company’s 10 direct accounts.

Prior to entering it, Horton had some experience with cannabis. His father was convicted of cannabis distribution and sentenced to seven years in prison. He claims that despite his father’s best attempts, he started taking marijuana when he was a senior in high school. He thought it enhanced his capacity to concentrate on tasks, particularly math. He eventually had three encounters with the police.

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At General Electric, where he completed his internship while a college student, this would ultimately come back to haunt him. He received a job offer from General Electric’s operations wing to join its leadership-development program, but the offer was rescinded when his cannabis misdemeanor convictions surfaced, according to Insider.

After almost two years in Munich, he received a job offer from Siemens and was given the choice of working in New York with the company’s corporate-auditing team or in Portland in sales. He picked the sales job.

According to the Insider, he chose to work in sales because he wanted to avoid the “whole suit corporate attitude,” but after being introduced to the state’s medical cannabis industry, he became addicted.

“I was enjoying going to every dispensary I could, picking up every different strain,” he said. After several visits, he picked up a clone or a cutting of a marijuana plant used for growing. “I took it out to my backyard and just kind of never looked back from there,” he said.

His first cannabis production business, PV Ventures, operated from 2014 to 2017, when it was forced to close due to a new zoning law. After collecting $5,000 to $10,000 in checks from family members, he later founded Lowd.

He now has important backers, including Nike’s merchandising director Keith Houlemard, who is also a fraternity buddy of Horton’s. Horton also wants to help other Black businesspeople and broaden the appeal of cannabis.



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