Elon Musk’s Mother, Maye to Receive Honorary Doctorate from The University of the Free State

Maye Musk will receive an Honorary Doctorate in Dietetics from the University of the Free State (UFS) on Wednesday, April 12.

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According to a press release, Musk is an ideal recipient of this prestigious award.

Musk is an international best-selling author, dietitian, model, and public speaker who is the mother of South African-born entrepreneur Elon Musk.

For over 45 years, she has run her nutrition business in eight cities and three countries. Her company, according to her website, provides professional services in counselling, speaking, consulting, writing, and media work.

Musk’s leadership qualities, in addition to her skills, propelled her to become the first Representative of the Consulting Dietitians of South Africa, President of the Consulting Dietitians of Canada, and Chair of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition.

Musk was the first dietitian to run a website and the only dietitian to take registration exams in three countries, paving the way for many others to follow in her footsteps. Her passion for nutrition and empowerment has led to her speaking at events all over the world. She also received the Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur Award in the United States.

Given Musk’s achievements, it is inspiring that her research studies in nutritional sciences began at the University of the Free State when she was accepted for a Diploma in Hospital Dietetics at the University Hospital. She was offered a bursary for a Master of Science degree after finishing and moving to Canada, her birth country.

“The UFS is privileged to be associated with Musk and grateful for her contribution to the field of nutrition, which affects overall human well-being,” reads the press statement.

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